Will the proposed "Nightmare Theory" halt a new scientific discovery?

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Science has always been discovering interesting new things, but even more so for the past summer of this year of 2012. A completely nutritional pizza from Scotland, a new structured material that can survive one of the proposed universal annihilation theories and even creating an artificial "jellyfish" by utilizing the muscle from a rat's heart and stimulating it with electrical current, having it copy the swimming patterns of an actual jellyfish.

However, the most immaculate discovery made so far has been the Higgs Boson, the particle which gives other subatomic particles their mass. Even with this groundbreaking quantum breakthrough, some scientists fear something called the "Nightmare Theory", the theory that, even though the Large Hadron Collider has made this new scientific discovery, it could be the end of the line in terms of amazing things we can claim from the fantastic ether of existence.

Scientists have claimed that in order to go any further, they would need to probe the Planck Length and go into discovering new frequencies and wavelengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. However, in order to do so, they claimed that they would need to create a Large Hadron Collider literally the size of a galaxy. Does this mean that all of the greatest scientific advancements have halted and that humanity can only touch the tip of the proverbial iceberg?

On the contrary, it shows that not only is humanity willing to push the limits of intelligence and scientific study but are actually trying to work around the essentially inevitable limit that will be reached. Even then, the limits won't be in the world of science as a whole but rather by field. For example, scientists over at the NIF laser testing laboratory are still grinding at making what many people believed was not possible: Nuclear Fusion, clean energy that would be nigh-infinite and would shift the world energy crisis into a thing of the past.

Even more recently is the landing on Mars which gives new meaning to "making the impossible possible". Even though it was doubted greatly by the operators of the Curiosity, the name of the rover which will be exploring the planet for a few years to come, it was one of the most precise and planned landings ever executed, giving numerous people who did not believe in the capabilities in NASA more hope for the future of astronomy and interplanetary milestones.

People should take the "Nightmare Theory" with a grain of salt and make sure that it doesn't impede their dreams of perhaps solving the String Theory mystery or even trying to make their fantasies of time travel or superhuman enhancements a reality through groundbreaking progress. New scientific discovery is something that commands tenacity, intellectual willpower and a mind to innovate what people believe can not be changed and will never shift into a new plane of imagination made reality.

If people would simply believe that anything is possible like many adults instruct their children in any endeavor they chase after, then even the "Nightmare Theory" can not stop the hand of humanity reaching for infinite possibilities.

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