World peace cooperation accord too good to be true?

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World Peace Cooperation Declared. In a world awash with war, terrorism and oppression, the United Nations announced today, all member nationsfully cooperated as never before.The U.N. to most civilians,ceaselessly argues, wrangling for other nation's intrigue and shifting power cliques. Member nationspresent motions or requests for lofty ideals,where few, if any, ever pass a General Assembly vote. Measures weaving through the General Assembly take the form of sanctions or censures. The Security Council may veto any measure at will. The body whole seems to accomplish very little,save employing a plethora of bureaucrats.Today's unified world peace announcement has stunned virtually everyone. While worldwide peace cooperation emerged from the Assembly unanimously, some member states held reservations. Russia showed caution, with concerns they will have no nations to menace."World peace unquestionably causes untold economic disaster for the Kalishnikov factory." lamented CEO who must remain unknown.China's concern centered around its determination to purchase significant portions of nations bearing useful natural resources. England'sdignified discourse focued on release of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Falklands and many other nation states presently under unrequested British control.The Baltic nations siezed the opportunity to restore their country'sindividual names, none of which were presently recalled. Canada's primary complaint remains that few countriesknow they exist at all. In another gumbling acceptance, all countriesrun by oppressive monarchiespanicked that the item's implementation may foment democracies peacefully seizing control, relegating the autocrats to merely very wealthy citizens. An immediate reaction to peace, the United Nations Translators Union marched upon any nearby linguistic colleges and universities offering foreign language programs,citing fear that peace may render their U.N. work unessessary. A possible boon to many economies, peace producing industriesanxiously await implementation of the motion. A possible bust to many economies, weapons producing industries, question re-tooling their factories to produce farming equipment. Unrepresented at the historic vote, all United Nations EmployeesMovement Professionals,(UNEMP), now seek refugee status, re-training and fully subsidized governmental assistance. Which government fundsthe unemployment benefits remains unclear, especially since global peace will result in population border flux. Some populations certainly will diminish, other will flourish. Adam Smith t-shirt sales are brisk, and available in more than 196 languages. Switzerland shows quick adaptation, turning their mountain fortress defense bunkers into private condominiums, mushroom farms and panic roomhotel units. The United States released a statement regarding their role as the world's police force, stating they were tired of the job anyway. The United Nations, the modern embodiment of President Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations, has repeatedly sought to guard human rights, thwart conflict when possible and show the value of nationhood cooperation. World peace is an ideal foreign to essentially everyone. Medical assistance is available for any person or any entire country cast into disbelief shock. Earthlings believe world peace cooperation may lead to an exciting new era for the planet. It is a new day, and never a better one to make relevant worldwide change. Would anyone believe nations joined hands to implement world peace cooperation? Today, an unimaginable dream stands before us. Let us sieze the day.

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